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NPL West Player and Coach Registration

For ECNL Member Clubs, register players here:

See here for detailed instructions of the registration process:

US Club Soccer member organizations:

This year has been like no other in the history of American youth soccer, and we understand that everyone at every level of the game has been affected in some way. We have been heartened by the commitment to do things the right way, which our members have consistently shown. It has been challenging to us all, but we applaud our members for always remembering the responsibility that each of us has to the health and safety of our players, coaches, referees and staff.

Now that the new governing season is underway, and players are returning to practice fields, and in many parts of the country to regular league play, it’s more important than ever that we all keep in mind some key points, particularly with regard to registration:

Staff registration is required for anyone who has regular contact with Youth Participants.
This includes coaches, administrators and others, and is applicable even if your organization is only conducting in-house, small group or virtual training. For player health and safety reasons, all eligibility requirements must be completed and current for the registration to be valid. For more information, please visit the Who Must Register and Staff Registration web pages.

Player registration is required of all participants in US Club Soccer.

Insurance. Without registration, member organizations and participants are not included within the US Club Soccer-provided robust liability and excess participant accident medical insurance coverage. Member organizations place themselves at major risk when incidents occur uninsured.

Other considerations. Other valuable considerations such as risk management assistance, and access to the US Club Soccer and U.S. Soccer adjudication process for disciplinary issues or complaints, are associated with registration.

U.S. Soccer Policy 212-1 requires that every participant in every affiliated organization be registered with at least one U.S. Soccer Organization Member, such as US Club Soccer. US Club Soccer member organizations who have not registered their players and staff but are partaking in training, competition or other related activities with outside insurance are in violation of this policy.

COVID-19. The latest information can be found at, including resources, FAQs, and more.

The US Club Soccer registration process is connected to various safety measures and checkpoints. We appreciate your diligence, professionalism and commitment to safety.

REFUND POLICY. In the event a league/season is cancelled (due to COVID-19 or otherwise) SCP LLC will keep a 5% admin fee if league/season cancelled in full (no games played at all). If league/season is shortened then a refund will be given by pro-rating the fee by the number of league/season games not played minus the 5% admin fee.