Veterans Division Over45 - Season 11-A - 2021, April - December

  1. All players must be registered. Current period is April 2021-July 31, 2021: $23 fee.
    1. For 8/1/21-7/31/22, fee will be $35 includes US Club Soccer membership and $25k medical insurance coverage with $400 deductible).
  2. No ‘guest’ (unregistered) players allowed; all must register before playing; if a player only plays a game or two, and decides it’s not for them, the league will refund their registration fee.
  3. Each coach/manager is responsible to use the TGS Match Roster for Game-Day check-in or the TGS APP (when it is available). Any player not on the roster must show proof of registration to play.
  1. Registration with WCASL/US Club Soccer (through league website is required – click HERE for link to player registration.
  2. This requires player address, email, phone, emergency contact info, plus a copy of player’s driver’s license, or other photo ID with birthdate, and a headshot picture.
    1. Aliso Viejo is requiring all players sign a new waiver form for playing at ACCP field. This will be sent out to all players when available
  3. For check-in procedures at games, Team Managers will show Game Roster from league app (TGS) to center ref (will include player uni#s and pictures). No player may play without being registered.
  4. At end of match, ref will review results and notes with Team Manager, who will approve and submit to League for posting.
  1. If a team is short players, they may “Borrow” players (from other teams) up to a max of 13 total players, to help avoid forfeits, but must have at least 7 core players from their own team.
  2. If you have pre-arranged to ‘borrow’ players, and other players show up to exceed 13, the ‘borrowed’ players need to be given priority, and others told they can’t play. This is to help keep things competitive, and is not to be ‘abused’ by managers trying to bring in ‘ringers’. Doing so will result in possible forfeits.
  3. Any ‘borrowed’ player must show proof of registration to ref, who will also notify the league that they played.
    1. This would include showing their profile on their team on the league TGS APP
    2. Also showing an ID for proof of birthdate and name
  1. Male players must be 45+ (turn 45 in calendar year), with a max of 2 players (1977 min bdate or 44 in 2021) allowed on the roster or at a game
  2. Goalies and females may be 19+, but any U43 male gk may not participate in any field play, such as PKs, playing the ball up the field etc.) (Note: Starting next Season, gk’s must be 30+).
  1. Normal FIFA rules apply, except:
    1. There is free player substitution, based on referee’s judgment of not unduly interrupting the flow of play.
    2. Offside will be called when it occurs (not once the player reaches the ball)
    3. No slide tackling will be allowed; goalkeepers exempted (unless determined to be dangerous by ref); slide tackles will result in an indirect free kick and YC. (Sliding to keep a ball from going out of bounds with no player around is ok).
    4. If a player gets a yellow card, he must leave the game for at least five minutes, but may be substituted with another player (not including goalkeepers).
      1. – 2 yellow cards in a game will be an automatic one-game suspension (unless over-ridden by Discipline Committee).
      2. – 3 cumulative yellow cards (within the season) = 1 game suspension. (2 yellow cards in one game resulting in red cards don’t count)
      3. – 5 cumulative yellow cards (within the season) = 2 game suspension. (2 yellow cards in one game resulting in red cards don’t count)
      4. This accumulation will carry into any playoffs or league tournaments
  2. If a player gets a red card, he may stay at the field if he leaves quietly and respectfully, and does not give any reason for the ref to ban them from the field; otherwise it’s up to the ref’s judgment.
  3. No fighting or violent incidents are allowed. Any player who instigates such or is disruptive will be penalized severely, possibly banned from the league.
  4. In the event a player, substitute, manager, supporter or anyone associated with a team enters the field of play to initiate, escalate or participate in any violent or physical conduct and/or intimidation of a member of the opposing team and/or referee team that person shall be banned from attending any games in the future AND, at the sole discretion of the referee team, the game may be terminated and the result forfeited against the team with the offending person.
  5. At the end of games, Ref will ask Team Manager to review game results, check for accuracy of all info; Ref will then send game info to League Commissioner.
    1. Games will be full 45-minute halves (some may have to be shorter due to field time constraints.) All players and managers must respect the ref’s decisions, with NO ref abuse permitted for any reason (including yelling or swearing at refs… “family-friendly” at all times!!)
  1. There will be one division of 14 teams.
  2. Each team will play the other 13 in Round 1; then we’ll split into two divisions (either 7/7 or 6/8, depending on the point differential with 6-8th place teams) where each team will play the teams in their division again one time.
  3. Total of 13+(5-7 games) = 18-20 season games, plus playoffs, plus friendlies.
  4. Season 11-A champion will be the team with the most total points for the season. (Ties determined by: head to head, then GD, then GA, then GF, then coin toss)
  5. While discouraged, each team may “request” ONE bye per Round of play, provided a minimum of 2-week’s notice is given, as schedules may need to be re-arranged. If a game is on the schedule, and the game slot cannot be filled, the team will need to pay the $100 field/game fee ($50 for both teams).
  6. Not every ‘bye’ request will automatically be granted. The schedule needs to stay balanced, so asking for a bye against a team that is behind games already may preclude that approval (unless the schedule can be re-arranged without impact.)
  7. If a team with a scheduled game fails to show up with at least 7 players, they will forfeit the game (1-0), and pay both teams’ ref/game fees (or $250).
    1. They will not be scheduled for another game until those fees are paid, and will take a 1-0 loss each week until paid.
    2. If a team thinks they’re going to be short and wants a ‘forfeit’, they must notify the League Commissioner by email by end of day Wednesday of that week, so refs can be re-assigned (and Commissioner can try to fill the game slot with a friendly).
    3. This will help teams avoid paying the full set of ref/game fees of $250 ($125/team), although the $100 game/field fees will still be due if the game slot cannot be replaced.
  8. It is strongly recommended that teams first try to borrow players and play the game officially; worst case, they should notify the other team manager they’re forfeiting but will still show up with x number of players to play a friendly, possibly borrow from them, so they’re only liable for their ref/game fees, not both teams’… and more importantly, everygone still gets to play!!
  1. No team (player or manager) will try to “recruit” any player from another team.
  2. This can result in suspension from the league.
  3. Players need to be encouraged by all involved to stick with their teams and try to work out any differences with other players or the team manager with that manager.
  4. This will help ensure balance throughout the league. If a player is unhappy with their current situation with a team, the league policy in dealing with this is:
    1. The player should first discuss the situation with his manager (A), and gain his agreement to approach another team (B);
    2. This gives Manager A a chance to better understand the player’s concern, and try to resolve it successfully.
      1. If both agree to the transfer, Manager A should send Manager B an email letting him know of the player’s desire, and giving his permission.
      2. If this doesn’t happen, then Manager B of the team who the player ‘approaches’ to discuss a transfer, must immediately notify Manager A about it.
      3. Manager B is to tell the player to go talk to Manager A, and see if the situation can be resolved, at least for the remainder of the season.
      4. If not, it is up to Manager A to agree to ‘release’ the player to the other team; they are not required to do so.
      5. If Manager A agrees, only then is it ok for the player to transfer to the other team.
      6. Manager A must then send an email to the League Commissioner confirming the transfer, cc’ing the player and Manager B.
  5. We rely on the Honor System in our league, and a spirit of Good Sportsmanship; any manager consistently abusing this (or any other) practice will be removed.
  1. Round 1 winner: $150 credit
  2. Round 2 Div 1 winner: $100 credit
  3. Round 2 Div 2 winner: $100 credit
  4. Season overall winner: $150 credit + trophy cup
  5. Playoff/tournament winner: trophy cup (for Champions and Friendship Cups)
  6. A Golden Boot trophy will go to the top goal scorer for the regular season.
  7. A Golden Glove trophy plaque will go to the goalkeeper/team with the fewest number of goals allowed.

Each team is encouraged to have a participant on a League Committee, to help promote a positive atmosphere, communication, activities and future planning.

The Committees are:

  • Planning
  • Fields
  • Discipline
  • Awards/Activities/Tournaments
  • Community/Sponsorships
  • Web/Social Media.

Team managers should let their players know this type of involvement is needed and supported, and ask them to get in touch with the League Commissioner to help out.


A budget will be published at the beginning of each season, and provided for review at season’s end (included in manager’s meeting packet).

  1. League fees are $100/mo per team, to be paid in advance (paypal or venmo).
  2. Ref fees will continue to be $90/team cash paid to refs at halftime (3 refs)
    1. 2 refs = $75
    2. 1 ref = $50.
  3. Game/Field fees are $50/game, paid monthly in advance ($200/mo for 4 games) to League Commissioner via Paypal or Venmo.
  4. If a team fails to pay their $300 ($100 + $200) to the League by month’s end, all future games will be forfeited until payment is received, with a cutoff of end-of-day Sunday for the following week’s games to resume.

Teams are encouraged to pursue sponsorships with local businesses (can advertise on league website, team uniforms etc.) This will help reduce and offset player fees, provide player scholarships etc.