One of the essential functions of coaches and team managers is to manage team communications with players and their families. If you are a coach or team manager, SportsEngine has created a Team Management Guide for Coaches and Team Managers to help you use our website and mobile app to efficiently and effectively communicate and manage your teams. 


In order to get notifications on team activities, games, etc. ALL players and coaches must download the TGS App and use it on their phone. If there are changes to games, notifications will ONLY come through the APP.

Be sure ALL your players are using the APP.

Player Upload for Gameday Roster APP and Website

Coach/Team Manager Guide

Print Gameday MATCH REPORT – Detailed Instructions


The role of the Team Manager in WCASL is critical to the smooth and effective operation of the league.  They help make sure all players abide by the league’s Rules and Guidelines, and help ensure the overall ‘family-friendly’ spirit of the league is maintained at all times.  Simply put: the league doesn’t work unless Team Managers step up and provide leadership.  All players should be grateful for the work their Team Manager does, and the important role they play.

  1. Following is a list of important things that every Team Manager should know:
    Be sure you’re current on the Rules & Guidelines for the league.  These are on the Standings and Schedule spreadsheet that’s in the League’s Dropbox folder, under your appropriate Division.  This is good to check regularly as it also has the game schedules.
  2. You need to make sure all your players are registered and paid with WCASL through our parent organization, US Club Soccer.  The insurance exposure of players who play without being registered is far too great for WCASL to be able to handle.   It’s absolutely the best thing for players to go online to our website at: https://socalpremier.sportngin.com/register/form/335948706 , and register and
    pay there.  The registration period is from August 1 to July 31, so all player registrations are good through July 31st of that calendar year; everyone must go in and re-register  in July for the new annual period.
  3. All Official Game Rosters will be provided to you in your Team Dropbox folder.  This will show which players are registered.  Uniform #s are required, so, just let the League Commissioner know, and he’ll add them.  Only those players on the roster will be allowed to play (the one exception is if you have a GUEST player who is not registered and has never played in our league before, they can play as a guest for TWO games only, providing they first sign the WCASL Insurance Waiver form, and turn it in to the center ref when they play.) If they play after that, they will be suspended, and your team faces a forfeit of the game.
  4. One of the main roles of the Team Manager is to make sure you don’t have anyone who is playing ‘outside’ of what we’re all about, which is to keep things friendly and cordial with all involved (players, refs) at all times.  If you have any problem players who aren’t considerate of this, or being too aggressive on the pitch, talk to them first, and if still a problem, let the league  know and we will step in and deal with it.
  5. After the games, be sure to verify all the information on the Game Roster is accurate and sign it.  The ref will then take a picture and scan it to the League Commissioner, along with copies of any Player Waivers that have been signed. and turned in.  
  6. Pay the refs their fees in cash at halftime (for 30s/45s, $75 per team for 3 refs; $60 for 2, $45 for 1.  For Coed Rec, it’;s $40/team for 2 refs, $25 for 1). 
  7. Game fees are to be sent to the League Commissioner (paypal or venmo) each month in advance, since field fees need to be paid to cities in advance.  (Currently they are $45/team per game for 30s/45s, $25/team for Coed Rec)
  8. League fees ($100/mo) are to be sent to the League Commissioner (paypal or venmo) at the start of each month.  (When using PayPal, please always be sure to use the “Friends and Family” option so there are no fees charged.)

Any questions, please get ahold of the League Commissioner: drice@goalsunlimited.biz, or


Manager meetings are held regularly. 
WCASL has their own Referee Assignor and group of highly qualified referees.

2019-20 Fees

Monthly Admin fee includes:

  • $100/team/month (league admin) (paid monthly in advance)
  • $50/game (field fees, lining/maintenance, ref assignment) (paid monthly in advance = $200/mo)
  • There will be a surcharge for certain fields
  • Ref fees will be paid at games in cash:
  • 3 refs: $75/team
  • 2 refs: $60/team
  • 1 ref: $45/team

Player registration and scheduling through SCP

Where are games? How much travel?

  • 18-22 teams
  • 1 division. With Cup No cup, no playoffs. Top 10 goes into championship. Bottom goes into friendship for 9 more games.
  • 2 Divisions based in ranking. Competitive balance. 2 division by location/geography. With Cup.