Per game fees:
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Since the league is affiliated with USASA, our referees get USSF credit for all games they officiate. This makes our league more desirable for more experienced referees.
(“USSF Affiliated” Status)


WCASL has taken a very important step in efforts to improve the overall quality of the league, by creating its own Referee Group.  We are only accepting refs with the highest ratings, and who have demonstrated the proper temperament to referee in an adult league like ours, without creating incidents by either their lack of judgment or poor game management skills.  This was done in an effort to improve our ability to maintain quality refs, and to have better overall communication and sense of partnership with our referees.  So far there the results have been noticeably improved.  They have even taken the steps of obtaining radio sets, which significantly improves their ability to work together and communicate on the field.  In fact, it has enabled us to often go with 2-person crews, and be just as effective.  We will continue to monitor how this goes, and make adjustments as needed… but so far so good.  It is VERY important that we continue to have good (constructive) feedback from managers and players, to ensure the best possible outcomes for our league.

One of the biggest issues we have is the amount of Ref Abuse our refs often have to endure from some of our players.  This is one of the single biggest reasons refs give for not wanting to be a part of our league… which affects our overall quality and enjoyment.  As a result, we have implemented a strong policy on any type of ref abuse (verbal or physical), which negatively affects the “family-friendly” culture. This will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with serious consequences by the Discipline Committee… starting with a two-game minimum suspension, up to suspensions from the league.

a) There is a direct correlation between the level of “ref abuse” experienced, and the “quality” of refs we get.  Good refs do not want to put up with out-of-control idiots yelling or swearing at them, or insulting them with derogatory comments, and can often go ref youth games without the abuse and make the same money. Team Managers need to constantly remind ALL their players of this important dynamic, to help ensure we can continue to attract the higher quality refs.

b) It is critical that all players AND especially managers respect our refs so we can maintain the high, quality level. Complaints/feedback on refs are encouraged, and need to be submitted by players or managers through the WCASL Ref Evaluation form on Dropbox.  All concerns will be handled and dealt with appropriately. If players are aware of this, it can help reduce their frustration level at games for occasions when they feel a ref is not adequately up to the task or has missed some calls.  Remember, we’re a rec. league, not World Cup, no VAR yet! Refs aren’t perfect… but we’re all part of the same group!

It’s IMPORTANT all players understand we need to be VERY CAREFUL about the tone of our games, including over-arguing or complaining, shouting or cursing, in order to maintain quality refs, and ensure that families and friends can come to games and enjoy themselves without fear of bad language/behavior from players.