See RULES section for referee game fees.

  • Referees will be invited to interact with our staff, our clubs and in collaborative and interactive settings.
  • SoCal Premier will work with several local and regional referee associations to bring the best officials to manage our competitions.
  • SCP & WCASL have our own Referee Association – if you are interested in joining please contact one of our staff.
  • Each club will be encouraged to run their own referee development program to increase the number of referees and grow a new generation of referees to make up for the shortage of referees we now are experiencing.
  • Arrive at field 25 minutes before scheduled kickoff.
  • Check in teams 15 minutes prior to kickoff. EVERY player must be on the gameday roster with a clear photo. If there is any discrepancy ask to see their ID card to verify name (must be EXACTLY as written on the photo roster, birthdate and photo)
  • Collect referee game fees prior to kickoff
  • If at least 7 players present for both teams game will start on time
  • Verify both teams have matching uniforms
  • Verify field is properly set up and safe for game play
  • Center Referee will email a copy of the Match Report of both teams to and a copy to the referee assignor.
  • Referee Assignor will follow up with Center Referee if not received.
  • Center Referee will hold the Match Report for 30 days.
  • Red Cards – Online Process:
    • If the Player Card is pulled due to extreme issue, mail Match Report with the Player ID Card to the League office along with supplemental report.
    • Be sure to identify any red carded players on the Match report.
  • Link to Referee Adult Match Report is above – if you do not know the password please contact
From FIFA Rulebook:
  • The yellow card is used to communicate that a player, substitute or substituted player has been cautioned.  
  • The red card is used to communicate that a player substitute or substituted player has been sent off.
  • Only a player, substitute or substituted player may be shown the red or yellow card
  • The referee has the authority to take disciplinary sanctions from the moment he enters the field of play until he leaves the field of play after the final whistle.
  • A player who commits a cautionable or sending-off offense, either on or off the field of play, whether directed towards an opponent, a teammate, the referee, an assistant referee or any other person, is discIplined according to the nature of the offense committed.
A player is cautioned and shown the yellow card if he commits any of the following seven offenses:
  1. Unsporting behavior
  2. Dissent by word or action
  3. Persistent infringement of the Laws of the Game
  4. Delaying the restart of play
  5. Failure to respect the required distance when play is restarted with a corner kick, free kick or throw-in
  6. Entering or re-entering the field of play without the referee’s permission
  7. Deliberately leaving the field of play without the referee’s permission
A substitute or substituted player is cautioned if he commits any of the following three offenses:
  • Unsporting behavior
  • Dissent by word or action
  • Delaying the restart of play
A player, substitute or substituted player is sent off if he commits any of  the following seven offenses:
  • Serious foul play
  • Violent conduct
  • Spitting at an opponent or any other person
  • Denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goalscoring opportunity
  • Denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal by an offense punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick
  • Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures
  • Receiving a second caution in the same match
A player, substitute or substituted player who has been sent off must leave the vicinity of the field of play and the technical area.
FROM RULEBOOK (go to RID for complete information)
Accumulated Cautions and Game Suspensions
Regular-Season Games: Any player(s) or manager(s) who has received a total of five cautions in one season shall be suspended and shall not participate in the next regularly scheduled game, including postseason games. Three additional cautions shall result.
If the total is reached in the final game of the season, the player(s), manager(s) shall not participate in the first postseason game and/or the first regularly scheduled game of the next season if his/her team does not participate in postseason play. Scr
A player(s), manager(s) serving a game suspension(s) shall be restricted to the designated spectator areas and prohibited from any communication or contact, direct or indirect, with the team, managers and/or bench personnel from the start of the contest t
If a suspended player or manager illegally participates in any game, the game shall be forfeited to the opposing team. In addition to the forfeit: (1) the original term of suspension for the player or assistant coach shall be doubled, and the manager shall pay the fine.