Both teams must pay the referees fees in cash before the game starts. 

HOME team is responsible for field set up, corner flags, bathroom access, etc. (if using a league field contact for additional set-up requirements.)


BOTH Teams must print a photo roster for gameday. Follow these instructions:

  1. TGS Instructions will be provided to all managers at the online training.
  2. If you missed the online training contact the registrar.



We do not use player ID cards. Player check-in at games will be with a “Photo Gameday Roster.” We do not require ID cards for check-in, however, if a referee cannot ID a player based on the photo, they will ask for their photo ID. If the name or birthdate does not match with the roster then the player will not be allowed to play.


Team managers must take 2 actions after every game before the end of the weekend.  

  1. Report the score by logging into your team page and going to the game. Score and All game and player stats must be entered.
  2. Complete the ENTIRE Score Report by 10:00pm on Sunday night. 
    Failure to report score:
    1st miss is a warning
    $25 fine on 2nd miss and there after

Even if the game is cancelled or forfeited for any reason a Score Report must be completed.

All team owners/managers/coaches the ability to enter and edit game scores and player/team stats. 

Enter the scores as well as the team and individual statistics.

Note on your report any misc. issues.  i.e. field issues, injures, late arrivals, etc.

Any score disputes, contact

Serious Injuries: Confirm the referee has documented any serious injuries on the Line-up Report. This is necessary to process any insurance request.