NPL West 2010-2021


NPL West 11U & 12U boys division is comprised of clubs who are also members of ECNL.

13-19U Divisions are open to southern California Clubs & Teams who compete at the highest level. There is also a 12U division also open to all Clubs/Teams.

  • Organization
    • Each participating club in the NPL West will have 1 vote on all matters related to the league (discipline, rules, format, etc…). A majority vote will determine the decision. Should there be a tie amongst the clubs, SoCal Premier’s staff will be the deciding vote.
  • Player Eligibility & Rostering (see NPL Rules link below)
    • Ineligible Player
      • Player not properly registered with US Club Soccer
      • Any team using an ineligible player during the league competition will forfeit (by a 0-3 margin) any games in which the player participated. In addition, the player and coach will be suspended for a minimum of three (3 games). A committee made up of a representative from SoCal Premier and each NPL West Club member (excluding the club in violation) will determine if a stricter penalty should be served.
  • Roster Size (see NPL Rules link below)
    • In the event a player on the roster leaves the club (quits, moves, etc…) an additional player can be added to the roster to maintain 20.
  • Player Transfer & Release (see NPL Rules link below)
    • If a player transfers from one NPL West club to another NPL West club during the season, the player will have to sit out eight (8) NPL West games before the player can participate in the league. In addition, any transfer player will sit all head-to-head regular season fixtures between former and new club.
      • If an NPL West club is okay with a player transferring to another NPL West club, the player is okay to participate with the new club. However, the player will have to sit out all games versus the players former club.
  • Competition Rules (see NPL Rules link below)
    • The U11 division does NOT allow heading of the ball. This is a US Soccer mandated rule.
    • Recommended Field Dimensions & Goal Frame Dimensions
      • 11-12U – Field Lining
        • Using one half of a full sizes 11 a-side field will be acceptable for the 11U and 12U division. If using the half of an 11 a-side field, the length 11U/12U field should be the width of the 11 aside field.
          • Grass field must be lined with paint.
          • It is okay to line turf fields with cones.
          • Corner flags are required on both turf and grass fields.
        • All Goal Frames should be properly anchored to the ground
        • Infractions should follow 9v9 PDI from US Soccer:
  • 13-19U Playing Format (see NPL Rules link below)
  • 11-12U Playing Format (see NPL Rules link below)
      • 9v9
      • There will be 1 Adult Referee at each game.
  • Scheduling (see NPL Rules link below)
      • *Adjusted for the short duration due to setbacks from COVID-19.
      • All divisions will play a minimum of 10 games. (NO PLAYOFFS (1st place team advances to NPL Regionals)
      • If a division has 13 or more teams we will split them into a East/West or North/South and they will play as follows: 1 game vs all teams in their bracket. Then the top teams will play a 1 game playoff to determine who gets the NPL Regional spot.
  • Proposed Play Date (Updated 2-24-2021)
    • March 20 Week 1
    • Apr 3/4 No Games (Easter)
    • May 22 Week 10
    • June 5 – Week 1 of summer extension
  • Game Length & Substitutions (see NPL Rules link below)
    • Playoffs
      • None for 2020-21 season
  • Red Cards (see NPL Rules link below)
  • Game-Day
    • Uniforms
      • Away team shall wear dark uniform
      • Home team shall wear light uniform
      • Game Day Operations
        • We highly recommend that Home teams provide both teams competing the following:
          • Team Benches
          • Tents
          • Water
          • Cups do NOT need to be provided. Players should bring their own bottles for the water.
  • Costs (see NPL Rules link below)
    • Bond – $250 per club
    • Costs NOT INCLUDED
      • Fields – Clubs must provide their own home fields and cover field costs.
      • Trainer – SoCal Premier will not provide a trainer at games, it is not a requirement for the division to provide a trainer.
      • Club costs – all team/club/player costs are the responsibility of the club – coaches/uniforms/balls/equipment/goals/nets, etc.
        *Note – There will be 1 referee per game as determined by club vote to save on costs for 11-12U. The referee will be an adult, minimum grade 8.
  • Outside Competitions
    • Teams are allowed to play in outside competitions and are free to choose which competitions the teams play in, as long as it does not conflict with the league. The league will look to keep weekends open for the teams to participate in other competitions.
    • 30 day advance notice must be given to both NPL West staff and opposing team to request a weekend off for an outside competition.


NPL RULES 2021 Spring