• Sign up anytime by filling out the TEAM EXPANSION FORM.
  • We take teams on an ongoing basis.
  • If a spot opens in a division during a regular season, your team can be added to the schedule.
  • You can sign-up as an INDEPENDENT team to play in the Copa California. This will allow you to sign players, play in cups, and play friendlies with any of our teams.
  • Contact our President, Matt Morse, if you would like to discuss options for joining a division in our league: 714-296-5888 or president@socalpremier.org


STEP 1: Fill out our PLAYER INTEREST FORM - once you submit it will go out to our teams and allow managers to contact you.

STEP 2: Sign Up as a FREE AGENT

  • Benefits of being a FREE AGENT:
  • You are covered by our league insurance just as if you were on a regular team
  • You are on a 30-day trial to find a team to join
  • You can call managers and ask if you can train/play with them
  • Any team can use up to 2 FREE AGENTS in any game (excluding Cup games)
  • End of FREE AGENT status:
  • Once your 30-day trial has ended, you or your new team can contact us and we will transfer you to your new team.
  • Hopefully you will have been selected to a new team and our Registrar will transfer you to the new team for the $5 transfer fee.
  • Any team who plays a FREE AGENT player after their trial period has ended will forfeit that game and the FREE AGENT will be excluded from joining any team for the following 30 days.
  • If you cannot find a team in 30 days contact us and we can try other options and find the best fit for you.

SoCal Premier became the West Coast affiliate of NISA on April 2, 2021.

More to come as we build out the structure of Adult Amateur and Pro pyramid through Promotion/Relegation that you will NOT find in any other national amateur league in the United States! USL, NPSL, UPSL do not have the structure or opportunities that we can offer!


SoCal Premier, West Coast Adult Soccer League, and NISA are affiliates and separate entities. On this site you will find policies for SoCal Premier, and to some extent, the WCASL. For WCASL policies contact Dave Rice. For NISA policies contact their front office staff.


  • OWNERSHIP - SCP is an LLC in the state of California.
  • SANCTIONING - SCP is sanctioned by US Club Soccer - USCS is sanctioned by both USASA and USSF - USSF is sanctioned by FIFA
  • FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Anyone who assumes the title "Manager", "Head Coach", "Admin", "Owner", of a team and registers that team for a SoCal Premier season in any division is financially responsible for all invoices and expense incurred. All invoices and costs will be billed to the above team staff. Payments must be made within the date outlined on the invoices. Failure to pay invoices by the date due may result in additional fees, deduction of points, cancellation/forfeiture of games, and potentially removal from the league.
  • TEAM BOND - all new teams will be charged a bond upon acceptance into the league. The bond will be used towards forfeits, unpaid invoices, discipline issues, etc. Any teams who leave the league not in good standing will not be issued a refund on their bond. If a team completes their season and chooses not to return the following season or their league/division is no longer offered and all their invoices have been paid they can request a refund of their team bond.
  • ARBITRATION - Discipline of players during league play will be dealt with by league staff and referee reports. Players receiving red cards may be fined, may be asked to sit out games, and in extreme cases, may be removed from the league.


SoCal Premier & WCASL have many payment options.

SCP Invoices will be sent via SQUARE or VENMO

SCP Venmo account is @socalpremierllc

Checks to SCP can be made out to SoCal Premier or SoCal Premier LLC and mailed to:

PO Box 550
La Mirada CA 90637

WCASL payments can be made to Dave Rice through their Venmo account.

Cash is acceptable and arrangements must be made to pay cash.

Square invoices can be paid via Debit, CC, Bank Transfer, Cash, or Venmo - just be sure to indicate the invoice # on any payments

SoCal Premier & WCASL run several League Cups:

Copa California - A competition between the champions of SoCal Premier and NorCal Premier annually in May/June

Raul Briones Cup - Annual League Cup competition between all the Men's Open teams in SCP

Brent Freeman Friendship Cup - The second tier of the Raul Briones Cup after the group stage

Barry Turner Master's Cup - Annual League Cup competition between all the Over30 teams in SCP & WCASL

Fritz Jansen Master's Friendship Cup - The second tier of the Barry Turner Cup after the group stage

EXPANSION CUP - We are developing a new CUP competition with NISA Nation. Open teams will have access to the NISA Independent Cup.


See POLICIES For Arbitration 

We have sleeve patches in both WHITE and BLACK for your home and away uniforms.

Contact president@socalpremier.org to request your patches. We can send you up to 30 black and 30 white for your uniforms.

Just indicate your role on the team, your name and where we can mail the patches

League Game Balls will be ready for the beginning of 2022. Each team will receive an allotment of balls (by division). Extra balls can be purchased if ordered in advance.

SoCal Premier, WCASL, and NISA offer a full structure of leagues and divisions for just about every level of play for amateur adult soccer at every age.

  • NISA Nation
  • Men's Open
    • Premier
    • 2nd division
    • 3rd division
  • Women's Open
  • U23
  • Over30
    • 1st division
    • 2nd division
  • Over45
  • Over55
  • Coed

SoCal Premier has been running a Pro/Rel system since the early 1980's when we had two small divisions of 9 teams each.

Now we offer 4 levels of Pro/Rel

  1. NISA Nation
  2. Premier
  3. 2nd
  4. 3rd

Promotion/Relegation happens every season. Our leagues run just about the same as European leagues with a league table, home/away fixtures, league cup, no playoffs.

New teams come in at the bottom and have to work their way up. We have watched it happen many times before! It is an amazing experience for our teams!