NPL West is southern California’s top local youth soccer league, only including the area’s best clubs, teams, and players.  As the top competition platform in the area, NPL West requires the top referees.

Thank you for accepting the assignment to referee in the NPL West.

Every game played in the NPL West impacts competition standings and postseason qualification – there are no “friendly” games or “meaningless” games.  

General information and rules applicable to NPL West competition can be found in the Gameday Procedures tab below. Referee Assignors, please view the tab of the same name below for important information regarding the education of referees for NPL West league games in the 2020-21 season.

Game Ball

U13-19 - Size 5 (provided by the home team)

U11-12 - Size 4 (provided by the home team)  

  • Game ball should be top quality for all NPL West competitions
    • COVID Protocol: The home team should sanitize the match balls before and after each match. 

Game Length:

  • U11-12: 60 minutes (10 minute halftime)
  • U13-14: 70 minutes (10 minute halftime)
  • U15-16: 80 minute halves (10 minute halftime)
  • U17-19: 90 minutes (15 minute halftime)
  • Referees should provide appropriate stoppage time in every game.

Substitutions, Check In & Passcard Handling:

  • Each player, coach and staff on the bench should have a US CLUB SOCCER (USCS) passcard
    • USCS–ECNL or USCS-NPL West passcards are both acceptable
    • CalSouth player or coach ID cards are NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • “Guest” players from the SAME CLUB are allowed to play in the same or older age group
  • U13-19: FIFA, seven (7) per half.  Players may not re-enter in the same half.
  • U11-12: unlimited substitutions.
  • COVID Protocol
    • Referees must check in players prior to the match, with the coach showing the passes to the referee for check in. The referee should not handle the player or staff passes at any time pre-, during, or post-game. 
    • Substitution records should be recorded by each referee in their book according to NPL West substitution rules.  Referees should not collect passcards for substitutions.
  • Below are templates of the acceptable USCS passcards:



Rosters, Reports and Passcards:

  • The home team is required to provide an NPL West Match Report to the referee.  Only eighteen (18) players are eligible for the match. These 18 must be indicated on the Match Report. Players that are not pre-printed on the roster may be hand-written on the roster so long as they have a valid USCS passcard.
  • At the conclusion of the game, after the match report has been completed and signed by the referee, the referee should give the game report back to the home team. The home team is responsible for uploading the match report and reporting the score in TGS.    



  • Each referee should bring their own equipment (flags, uniforms, etc.). Please do not share equipment. 
  • Hydration Breaks: Should your match have a hydration break due to temperature index, players may leave the field to collect their personal water bottle for hydration. Substitutes/Coaches should not share or handoff water bottles. 
    • Referees should bring their own hydration.
  • All referees should perform a self-temperature check prior to leaving for the match. 
    • If a referee has a temperature over 100 degrees, they should not referee the match
    • If a referee feels sick or has any symptoms of COVID-19, they should not referee the match
    • If a referee has had close contact with a person known to have COVID-19, the referee should not referee the match
  • There should be no international walkouts. Players, staff, and referees should maintain social distancing on the bench or whenever not participating in the game.
  • If a referee has contact with someone who has COVID-19, they should report that to their assignor (league).


  • Referees should arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled kick off time.
  • SoCal Premier collects the game fees up front. There is no exchange of money at the field for referee fees. 
  • Game fees will be paid to referees by the referee association
    • Consult with your Assignor/Association to confirm what your pay will be based on division/length of game.
  • Uniforms: teams will confirm uniform colors with each other
    • Home Team - light shirt, light socks, any short | Away Team: dark shirt, dark socks, any shorts
    • Uniforms: In a two-game weekend (teams will confirm uniform colors with each other)
    •  Game #1 - Home Team - light shirt, light socks, any short | Away: dark shirt, dark socks, any shorts
    • Game #2 - Home Team: dark shirt, dark socks, any short | Away: light shirt, dark socks, any shorts

Red Cards:

  • The referee reports all red cards with corresponding documentation immediately following the game to The report should include age group, teams, player(s) sent off, the offense, and referee’s name, email and phone number.  Referees should not keep player passes for players that are sent off, they should be returned to the team manager.

Should you have any urgent game-day questions, direct them to:

  • Blake George: 310-308-1720
  • Tim Summiel: 732-921-3281
  • Matt Morse: 714-296-5888

NPL West Referee Assignors,


First and foremost, thank you for your efforts in organizing and assigning referees for all NPL West Member Clubs in what will be a very interesting and challenging year! You manage a very tedious, time-consuming, and often thankless job in facilitating this process for clubs. Simply put, our league cannot operate without you. So, thank you. 


In the Resource Center, we have an overview that encapsulates all protocols. The Referee Procedures Form should be reviewed by all referees assigned to NPL West matches. 


Please review the following key points which can be used to educate the referees you assign to manage NPL West league games in the 2020-21 season: 



  1. Clubs should each provide a Match Report to the referee and have him/her check both teams in using the Match Report and player and staff passcards. Note that referees should NOT handle passcards, but instead, use the Match Report to identify players and staff, comparing them to the passcards in possession of the coach during check-in. This check-in process is vital and no NPL West games should commence without completion of this step. 
  2. Referee should place a check in the box marks “☑️” to indicate the player is playing in this particular match and is wearing the appropriate jersey number. Any notable alterations to uniform numbers should be denoted on the Match Report. 
  3. Referee and/or Team representatives should cross off (strike through) any players not participating in the match who are listed on the Match Report, for suspension, injury, or other. If players are on the roster but not striked through, they will count toward the 18 player maximum.  



  1. Referee should be given time and space to fill in the Match Report at the completion of the game. IMPORTANT: please include printed names of center referee and both A/Rs

  2. Referee should fill in:
    1. Match Score (goals in first half, second half, and final score)
      • Goals (player number and minute-mark for each goal scored)
      • Yellow and/or Red cards in the game (player number and minute-mark for each issued card)
      • Brief incident report if double yellow or red card is given (this can be done on the Game Notes section of the form or on the back of the form). For any serious matters, or incidents that require additional discussion, please email 


** Home Team should keep the Match Report and/or Incident Report upon completion by Referee - it is their responsibility to submit to NPL West**


Overview of pertinent points

  •  Check In:  all players and coaches must be checked in prior to matches, with a GameDay Match Report filled out by the referee to show all carded coaches and players have been properly noted. No match should take place without the referee checking in valid passcards against the official GameDay Match Report that includes the active rosters of both teams, home and away. As noted above, the referee should not handle the passcards at any time.
  • Substitutions:  Substitutions in all matches, U13 through U19, all follow the same procedures. There is no re-entry per half. Due to COVID safety precautions, Referees should not collect the cards of those players starting each half and then the cards of the 7 (maximum) subs that check in during each respective half. Instead, the substitutions should be tracked by the officials to ensure all standards are upheld. 
  • Head Injuries: In the case of head injuries, a player deemed to require evaluation for a potential head injury may be removed from the game and temporarily replaced by a player during the evaluation period as long as the club has an available sub at that time, and it is an available sub that checks-in for the evaluated player. If the team does not have an available sub, the team must play down a player during the evaluation period. 
  • Game Durations: All game lengths are noted in the Referee Procedures Form

Arrival Times:  It is asked that all referees arrive at matches no later than 30minutes prior to kick off for matches in order to properly facilitate team check-in processes. All matches must include three (3) sanctioned referees with the exception of the U11-12 Division which is 1 sanctioned referee.