Adult Player Registration

Please read through the following guidelines before registration.
Registration link can be found at the bottom of this page.

Return-to-Play COVID Protocols (Last Updated 4/13/21)

The following must be followed in order for us to have field permits. Please be sure all the rules are followed by your players, including: 

  1. Bring forehead thermometers and confirm all player temp’s are below 100.4 (any above must leave, and be reported to league)
  2. Facemasks must be worn by all players and coaches on the sidelines, with 6’ minimum social distancing.
  3. Bring disinfectant wipes/lotion for your players. 
  4. AS OF April 6, 2021 – Spectators are allowed – click on CDC update link below for more information.

Return to Play Guidelines for Covid-19 – AS OF April 13, 2021



West Coast Adult Soccer League / SoCal Premier League are committed to a SAFE return of all its players during the corona virus pandemic. Following are our recommended guidelines we intend to implement (in line with US Soccer):

1. Phase 1 – MARCH 2021 – APRIL 5, 2021 

a. State and/or local stay and shelter regulations lifted

b. COVID-19 prevention and response protocols in place and followed

c. Continue to maintain social distancing

d. Only players/referees/team staff may be at the field. No others allowed.

e. All players / staff must sign a League waiver

f. There may be certain fields where a City requires a signed waiver. This will be presented at the field before play can begin.

g. All players / staff will be tested for fever at the field before playing.

i. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will be sent home and told to isolate.

ii. All such players/participants will be put on a ‘do not play’ list, and will not be eligible

iii. To participate again in the future without bringing a completed Covid-19 test with negative results or signed letter from a physician indicating they are not infectious.

iv. If you present a certified receipt confirming you have been vaccinated you can play.

h. Players and coaches on sidelines will wear face coverings at all times.

i. They will also maintain a minimum of 6 feet social distancing while on sidelines

j. Referees will also wear face coverings as needed (talking with groups of players etc.)

k. Disinfectant wipes and lotions will be available for all to use at the field.

2. Phase 2 – AS OF APRIL 6, 2021

a. All above precautions will continue to be observed

b. Assuming no spikes or increases in Covid-19 cases among players has arisen, we will begin having ‘official’ competitions.

c. There will be no penalties for any player not wishing to participate due to safety concerns

d. If teams do not have enough players, they will be allowed to ‘borrow’ players from other teams

e. Provided state and city/county guidelines allow, fans may attend games ONLY if they wear face coverings, and adhere to all other Covid-19 precautions, including maintaining 6 feet minimum social distancing from all others (except immediately family)

3. Phase 3 (starting end of Phase 2 until Phase 4 can begin)

a. Official games will continue

b. Some of the Phase 1 and 2 guidelines may be modified based on Public Health recommendations.

4. Phase 4 (will begin once all restrictions have been lifted)

a. COVID-19 is no longer deemed a public health matter and there are no restrictions directed by federal, state and local authorities. Please refer to for general health and safety recommendations from U.S. Soccer.

WCASL/SCP will be prepared to revert back to an earlier phase if any of the following occur:

1. Cluster of infections occur

2. Inability to maintain COVID-19 prevention and response protocols

3. Inability to track and/or isolate players or staff

4. External factor exposes a COVID-19 risk to a team or the league

5. Changes to local public health official guidelines regarding group gatherings

Contact our league staff if you have any questions or need clarification on any of these guidelines:

Dave Rice, WCASL Commissioner
 714.315.5700 /

Matt Morse, SCP President
714.296.5888 /

Player Registration Guidelines

Players: it is important that you understand a few things before you go on and register yourself to a team:

  1. You must get permission from Team Staff/Coach before registering for a team
  2. You cannot play in a game until registration is completed.
  3. If you register the same day of game you cannot play unless you present the email confirmation receipt to team manager and referee.
  4. Our registrar will update your status to roster you onto your new team within 5 days.
  5. Check back Friday before the next weekend to confirm you show up on the roster of your new team.
  6. PHOTO must be of face and shoulders only – similar to passport or drivers license photo. blurry or unusable photo will be rejected so be sure to upload a clean shot.
BEHAVIOR: We have very high standards when it comes to your on field behavior and overall attitude and respect for the game. We will not hesitate to remove any player or staff from the league who does not uphold a high standard of behavior. No fighting, no cussing, no drugs or alcohol at the field. ALWAYS clean up your trash and leave the field as you left it.
We do not allow unregistered players to play in league games. If caught both team and staff will lose points and be fined.


YOUTH Players (under 18 years old): We do allow players aged 15-17 years old to play in our adult league. If you are a minor your parent/guardian must agree to the terms and conditions on the Player Registration From. 

Free Agent Registration

We allow players to sign up for our league and play as “FREE AGENTS” Here is how you can be a free agent.

  1. Click the link below to go to ADULT PLAYER REGISTRATION 
  2. Fill out the information
  3. Once you get to “DIVISION” select the division you want to play in
    • 2nd Division (choose this for any men’s open division)
    • U23
    • Over30
    • Over45
    • Co-ed
  4. Select the team “FREE AGENT”
  5. Take a copy of your confirmation to any game to play in that division
  6. You are eligible for play on any team in any game (except for CUP games) for up to 30 days.
  7. After 30 days if you have found a team either you or the team manager/coach contact and we can transfer you to your new team.
  8. If you do not find a team, email and we can help you go from there.