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Intercity League Rules



  • Scheduled with a 10-minute grace period. Failure to field a team of 7 players (5 players for U10) will result in a forfeit.


  • 11v11 = 3 referee system is preferred. (Use of club person is at the discretion of the center referee).
  • 9v9 = 3 referees
  • 7v7 = 1 referee
  • Both teams are responsible for referee fees.
  • Referees are to be paid BEFORE THE MATCH. Each team is responsible for half referee fees.
  • If team does not show, 100% of the referee fee is the responsibility of the team or the league they represent.
  • Fees & Game Length – See Game Format


  • All age groups are FREE substitution.
  • The free substitution rule DOES NOT take away the mandatory 1/2 game playing time.
  • A coach may substitute at any stoppage of play and at the discretion of the referee.


  • U19, U16, & U14 = size 5 ball.
  • U12, U10 = size 4


  • No unsafe knee braces, metal knee braces must have a soft cover.
  • No "hard" casts are allowed, not even with the use of bubble wrap.
  • Proper shin guards must be worn and be covered by socks.
  • Female teams may wear sleeveless jerseys or roll up their sleeves and tied with a soft cloth or string material.
  • All colors of tape or material may be used on shin guards and socks.
  • Under shirts must match Jersey or be white or black in color.
  • Cloth head bands may be worn by girls or boys.
  • All goals must be anchored down prior to start of game.
  • (NOTE: Rules must be followed; failure to follow rules may result in a red card and/or suspension from intercity play).


  • Complete field set up and take down (nets, flags, field markings, trash cans, etc.) must be completed within 15 minutes of game time or home team forfeits.

VISITING TEAM MUST assist with set up and take down. This includes setting up or taking down the goals.

  • Home team shall change to alternative color jersey if colors conflict with visiting team.
  • Home team has choice of sidelines.
  • Visiting team must pick up their trash, (if you bring it with you take it with you)


  • If field conditions permit, all divisions shall coach from their side only. Teams and administrators, where possible, shall be on opposite sides of the field.
  • Coaches must remain in the technical area of 10 yards from midfield. Coaches are also responsible to insure parents are not sitting or standing beyond the 18 yard line and behind the goal lines.
  • The head coach is 100% responsible and accountable for insuring players and parents maintain a positive attitude throughout the game.


  • Cards must be stamped, embossed or signed by league registrar and be laminated.
  • All teams involved in INTERCITY LEAGUE play must have laminated player cards.
  • All players must have a medical release form with parent/guardians' signature. These forms must be available to the referee upon request.
  • PLAYERS OR TEAMS WITHOUT CARDS AND MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS MUST NOT PLAY. This also means no scrimmages or pickup games.


  • There must be a USYSA licensed coach for each team, at each game. The coach must have a current photo Identification card.
  • A team without a carded official will forfeit the match. Note: The coach may be from any team within the same league of registration as the team they are representing for the match.
  • Under certain circumstances the INTERCITY LEAGUE Director may authorize a team or player to play without player cards. The league representative of said team is responsible to contact the INTERCITY LEAGUE Director and explain the circumstances.
  • Under NO circumstances may a player play without the medical release form.

The DEADLINE to ADD PLAYERS to any team is October 30th.


  • Each team will supply a match report to the referee prior to the game.
  • The match reports are the official record of the INTERCITY LEAGUE.
  • All scores will be entered online BY THE COACHES or TEAM ADMINISTRATOR

Any red cards and yellow cards will be entered online as well









  1. Head-to-Head
  2. Goal Differential (5 goal max per game)
  3. Goals Allowed
  4. Goals Scored
  5. Most Shutouts
  6. Coin Flip



Regular League play shall begin on the weekend following Labor Day and end prior to Thanksgiving

Playoffs & Commissioners Cup format and schedule will be determined based on number of teams.

The primary day for play is Saturday. Friday Night and Sunday games will be scheduled as needed.


  • If a coach deems it necessary to protest a game because of misapplication of FIFA LAW, or INTERCITY LEAGUE Rules, not a judgment call, the coach must notify the referees of the intent to protest, write a brief statement on the match card and sign the game card.
  • A $100.00 non-refundable protest fee must be turned in within 48 hours to the INTERCITY LEAGUE Director, along with a one-page explanation of the protest, including citation of the INTERCITY LEAGUE/FIFA rule the protesting team feels was misapplied.
  • The INTERCITY LEAGUE Director, along with the concurrence of two other INTERCITY LEAGUE Representatives, will review the written protest and determine if a FIFA or INTERCITY LEAGUE rule violation occurred and that it was not a referee judgment call.
  • If it is determined that there may have been a misapplication of the rules, the INTERCITY LEAGUE Director may reschedule the game.
  • The decision of the INTERICTY Director is final.

Rescheduled Games:

  • All scheduling concerns should be directed to your local clubs INTERCITY LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVE.

Red Cards:

  • Referees must return all ID cards to the respective coaches following the match except when there is Referee Assault or Violent Conduct on the field. In these cases, the ID card(s) must be retained by the Referee and turned in, with a written report in 24 hours.
  • If a player receives a Violent Conduct (Fighting / Striking other player or Official) red card, they will not be able to participate in their team's next XX scheduled games as determined by our discipline committee.  There will also be a team fine for Violent Conduct at a minimum of $25.
  • All other red card violations regarding a player or ejected official will not be able to participate in their teams next scheduled game.
  • If a team official (Coach/Manager) is directed to leave the field by the referee it is the same as receiving a red card. As a professional courtesy the referee does not have to show/display a red card to the team official. A report will be submitted by the Referee and sent to the INTERCITY LEAGUE Director, along with the coach’s administration card. The Team administrator will then miss the next game for the team which he was participating with.
  • If it is the last game of the season, the suspension carries over to INTERCITY LEAGUE post-season play.
  • If a player or official receives a second red card during the season, they will be suspended for the remainder of the season, or until reinstated by the INTERCITY LEAGUE Director.

Yellow Cards:

  • It is a recommendation that coaches substitute yellow-carded players at the time the referee shows the yellow card to the player and before restarting the game.
  • For every 10 yellow cards that a team accumulates, they will be deducted a point. This will continue throughout the season.



The safety of all participants and maintaining an atmosphere of good sportsmanship is the responsibility of all members.

Any player or member promoting violence, enticing team dissent, or generally in violation of above may be brought before the INTERCITY LEAGUE for disciplinary action (including suspension or removal of the player or member) subject to the Cal South and USYSA Disciplinary Guidelines and Procedures.

Any member who instigates violence that leads to harming an opponent, spectator, official, or teammate, in addition to any action defined above, may be subject to criminal prosecution. This type of conduct will not be tolerated and will be aggressively pursued by the INTERCITY LEAGUE.

Any player, coach or administrator of the team receiving three (3) yellow cards (warning/cautions) within six (6) consecutive matches will be suspended from their next scheduled INTERCITY LEAGUE game. Any individual receiving four (4) yellow cards (warning/cautions) during the season shall be suspended for the next scheduled INTERCITY LEAGUE game. After a suspension of this type, the count of yellow cards is set to one (1).

Any player, coach or administrator receiving a red card (ejection/send off) from the referee, shall be suspended for the remainder of that game and their team's next scheduled (played) game, forfeited games do not count. Should two yellow cards in the same game cause the ejection; both cautions will be counted as yellow cards and counted towards the ten accumulated yellow cards. (7.3).

Accumulated disciplinary actions (Yellow Cards, Red Cards, and Suspensions) may affect a team’s continued participation in league play as well as post-season play

ANY PLAYER, COACH, OR TEAM MEMBER using foul and/or abusive language or conduct will be issued a RED CARD (EJECTION/SEND OFF).

NOTE: PLAYERS, COACHES, and OFFICIALS, Intercity is a league for youth and families designed to promote GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP, FAIR PLAY in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT.

COACHES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL CONDUCT ON THEIR SIDELINES (Including parents, friends, visitors and spectators) and may be issued a RED CARD for failing to control their sidelines.

The INTERCITY Director has the authority to suspend or place any player, administrator, team or league on probation for unsporting conduct on or off the field.

THE HEAD COACH IS 100% RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE FOR ENFORCING PLAYER SUSPENSIONS; any coach failing to enforce any suspension will be suspended themselves and said game will be forfeited.


Any player/team found responsible for promoting violence, instigating, or enticing a team disturbance, causing the referee to suspend play prior to the completion of regulation time, will have forfeited that game (even if they are winning at the time of the incident).

The INTERCITY LEAGUE Director will review all such incidents. Upon review the team may also be subject to league suspension. Any team under league suspension will forfeit all scheduled games with a score of (0-1) until suspension is complete. If it is found that both teams/players are equally at fault in the suspension of a game, then both teams will receive a forfeit (0-1, 0 points).

Any team/club needing to forfeit a game for any reason, must notify the Intercity Director. Home Club representative & INTERCITY LEAGUE Director within 72 hours of scheduled game. If the team/club who is forfeiting said game fails to notify proper personnel, the team/club forfeiting will be responsible for the entire referee fees for the

scheduled game. The team who forfeits the game will receive a forfeit (0-1, 0 points), with the opposing team receiving a win (1-0, 3 points).

The team that forfeits must have the Referee fee’s to the Intercity Director no later than the first Wednesday after the game. Failing to do so willresult in forfeiting the upcoming game.

Teams forfeiting league-scheduled games will pay full cost of referees if the forfeit is after Wednesday 5:00 PM of the week’s league scheduled game. A forfeit can be, not limited too:

A team that doesn’t show-up for a league-scheduled game.

A team having less than 7 players on the field at game time, with a 10 minutegrace period

A team that does not have ID cards.

A team that uses ineligible players in league games will forfeit the game.

Number of Roster players:

U19 and U16 may carry a roster of no more than 22 players. The Game Roster may have a maximum of 18 players.

U14 may have a roster of no more than 18 players.

U12 may have a roster of no more than 14 players (9v9)


Each league will be responsible for their team's regular season (participation) trophies or awards.

The Intercity League will provide Championship trophy to the winning team and medals to the champions and finalists.

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