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Team Affiliations


  • 6 players from the Reserves (2nd/3rd division team) can play in Top (Premier/2nd team) game and 3 players from the top (Premier/2nd) team can play in the Reserves team game.  (6 up, 3 down)
  • If affiliated teams are in same division, 2 players from each team can play for other team

OVER 35 Alliances

  • Unlimited players may be shared if the alliance is between an open division team and an Over35 team


  • Players can only play with their main team for Cup games.  No “sharing” players for Cup games
  • Once player plays in Cup game, not allowed to play for affiliated team later in Cup
  • Players may not transfer to play in cup games with another team once elimination round begins.
  • Once the season begins no new “Alliances” can be formed


  • Play on Men’s teams? We are not a co-ed league and have no rules for women, however, if you want a woman to play on your team that is fine.
  • Our league can be considered "Gender-Neutral"


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