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Reserve Teams (Club Affiliation)

September 2016

Reserve / Affiliated Teams & Player Sharing between Clubs
  • Reserve teams are affiliated with each other, i.e. same club
  • Teams must have similar names, i.e. United & United Reserve  

Teams in different divisions

  • 4 players from the “lower” division can play up with their top team
  • 2 player from the “higher” division can play down with their reserve team

Teams in the same division

  • If a team is promoted or relegated into the same division as their affiliate
  • 2 players from each team can play for the other team
  • Reserve teams must be declared two weeks prior to the start of the season
  • Once the season begins no new reserve teams can be formed

Over 35 Affiliations

  • Teams may share up to 6 players across between them as long as age rules are followed

Raul Briones League Cup Play

  • No sharing of players during League Cup matches.  See RB Cup rules for more info

Men / Women affiliations

  • No sharing of players between men/women teams



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