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Referee Gameday Procedures

September 2016

Referee Procedures

Pre-Game Procedures

  • Arrive at field 25 minutes before scheduled kickoff.
  • Check in teams 15 minutes prior to kickoff. EVERY player must have calsouth player ID card, no exceptions
  • Collect referee game fees prior to kickoff
  • If at least 7 players present for both teams game will start on time
  • Verify both teams have matching uniforms
  • Verify field is properly set up and safe for game play

Post-Game Procedures

  • Center Referee will email a copy of the Match Report of both teams to and a copy to the referee assignor
  • Referee Assignor will follow-up with Center Referee if not received
  • Center Referee will hold the Match Report for 30 days
  • Red Cards - Online process
    • If the Player Card is pulled due to extreme issue mail Match Report with the Player ID Card to the League office along with supplemental report
    • If the Player Card is returned to the team hold the Match Report for 60 days. Email the supplemental report to email address above



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