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League Fees & Bonds

League Fees
  • Men’s Premier - $1000
  • Men’s 2nd Division - $750
  • Men’s 3rd Division - $650
  • Men’s Over35 Division - $650
  • Women’s Premier -  $750
  • U23 - $1,500

Maximum 12 teams per division - Minimum 8 teams per division

League Bonds*

  • Forfeit Bond - $250  (covers referee fees)
  • No Field Bond - $750** (OC Great Park is more)
*All remaining Bond funds will be returned at the end of the season or can be carried over and applied to the next season
*If the Bond falls below the amount to pay the referee fees the team cannot play until the Bond is replenished 
**If an existing team does not have a home field, all of their games will be scheduled away (see Fields for more detail)
**There is the possibility that teams without a home field may not be accepted into the league
All fees / bonds must be paid in full two weeks prior to the beginning of the season


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