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If both teams have at least 7 players (with Calsouth ID cards), the game must start at the posted Kickoff time
The grace period is not for a team to have more than 7 players
If either team has less than 7 players at posted game time a 15 minute grace period will begin
If after 15 minutes team still has less than 7 players a forfeit will be declared.  Referees will leave and game must be reported as a forfeit
If a teams Calsouth ID cards are not at the field the referee may not check players in or start the game.  If cards have not arrive after the 15 minute grace period ends, game will be declared a forfeit.
The Team bond will then be used to pay the referees
If a team bond is used it must be replaced with the league treasurer within 2 weeks or points will be deducted and future games cancelled.


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